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#Halloween Treats: Tiramisu ‘Graveyard’ & Witch’s Black Velvet ‘Curse-cakes’

Happy Halloween! Over the last few years, my friends and I have established a tradition of spooky house parties, replete with flaming liquor shots, hours of dancing, complaining neighbors and Halloween treats! Last year, I hosted the mad affair and enjoyed using food as decoration. There were uncarved pumpkins, peppermint sticks in red, white, yellow & black, m&ms, and black and orange whoopie pies! It was the first time I made whoopie pies, and honestly, I didn’t love them. Suffices to say, I won’t be making them again. But they did fit the theme.


This year, the party moved to my friend’s place, and the inspiration came from Pinterest! I absolutely loved making the Tiramisu graveyards and the black velvet ‘curse-cakes’.

Treat #1: Here’s how I assembled the Tiramisu ‘Graveyard‘:



10 Waffle Bowls (egg-free ones available from Safeway kitchen)
1 recipe Tiramisu
Wilton’s black candy melts
About 20 oreos, crushed
20 Chocolate covered cherries
10 Vegan marshmellows


  1. Heat the Wilton’s candy melts and brush the top 1/3rd of the waffle bowls on the inside and the outside with the melted chocolate
  2. Follow the instructions for assembling the Tiramisu from this recipe in the waffle bowl
  3. Top the final layer of the mascarpone cream with some of the crushed Oreos
  4. Flatten a marshmellow by pressing between your palms. Take your edible colors pen and write RIP on it. If you’re particularly adventurous, you can pipe some royal icing instead too. Stick it in the cream as if it were a tombstone.
  5. Place the chocolate covered strawberries around the marshmellow to mimic rocks. I had one whole, and one halved chocolate in each bowl.
  6. Cool and enjoy 🙂

This ends up being quite a large serving for a single person. Most folks will end up sharing… and then regretting their decision to do so 🙂

Treat #2: The Witch’s Black Velvet ‘Curse-cake’

What would a witch look like if she got reduced to a cupcake? I adapted the Red Velvet – Cream Cheese cupcake recipe and swapped out the red color with black, and tinted the cream cheese with a mix of violet and fuschia colors to achieve the witch’s purple.



1 Recipe Red Velvet cupcakes tinted black with cream cheese
12 waffle cones (Keebler has eggless ones)
12 Back to Nature Fudge Striped cookies
Wilton’s Black Candy Melts


  1. Bake the cupcakes
  2. Make a little extra cream cheese. Tint the majority of it purple, and about half a cup green
  3. Heat the candy melts and brush onto the waffle cones. Let it dry before you touch it again.
  4. Frost the cupcakes with the purple frosting using a 1M tip. Make sure you have a little left aside for later.
  5. Top the frosting with a single cookie. You can use any chocolate covered cookie or dip a plain cookie in melted chocolate
  6. Take some of the leftover frosting to line the base of the cone and place over the cookie. Put it in the fridge to dry.
  7. Once the cones are firmly placed over the cookies, pipe the green belt over it. Finish it up with the purple “belt buckle”
  8. Serve it up 🙂

These ‘spooky’ desserts were easy to put together and were a great hit at the party. The cupcakes gave the expecting Moms and new Moms an alternative to the boozy Tiramisu and the witch ‘hats’ prompted a ton of silly jokes. Here’s looking forward to more Halloween fun next year!