Looking back at 2014

I moonlight as a baker, and spend my days as a digital marketer. I recently put together a review of the year that was 2014 in digital advertising, and realized that I should probably put together a review of the year for Blissfully Insane too, especially since I didn’t necessarily post about all the stuff I worked on this past year.

2014 was a personally fulfilling year for me as a baker. It was the year I took my skills to the next level, incorporating visual art in my culinary endeavors. It started a little tentatively as I modeled my first 2 tier cake for a friend’s baby shower, and then escalated quickly through interesting challenges my family put before me. So here it is, a review of my year as a baker.

Here’s hoping that 2015 brings even more interesting baking challenges my way.

2014: Rewind

Challenge #1: Two-tier baby shower cake

Baby Shower Cake

Challenge #2: Vegan, nut-free Elsa doll cake

Elsa Cake!

Challenge #3: Airplane themed cake for a birthday boy that looks to go “Whoosh!”

Airplane Birthday Cake

Challenge #4: Train themed cake for the birthday boy that loves to say “tunnneeeellll”

Vik's Train Cake

Challenge #5: Mango cheesecake for my Mom that asked me to make this thrice this year


Challenge #6: Pink, red, white cupcakes that shouldn’t remind the birthday girl of Valentine’s Day!


Challenge #7: Eeyore cake for the little girl that can’t sleep without him


Challenge #8: Halloween bakes for wicked witches on the graveyard shift


Challenge #9: Tri-chocolate rosette cake for the birthday girl that could swim in chocolateTri-chocolatecake

Challenge #10: Personal tiramisu glasses

IMG_0569v2 copy

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