New Year Breakfast Treat: Eggless Pancakes with Caramelized Oranges


The thing I begrudge hangovers the most, is how they leave this horrible taste at the back of your mouth that pretty much ensures you don’t want to eat anything delicious. Then again, when you decide to hit Park Chow in Richmond and see their lovely brunch menu, you begrudge your hangover the mimosa you’re too dehydrated to drink and you begrudge the menu lovely lemon ricotta pancakes you can’t eat ’cause they’re made with eggs!

Needless to say, when I woke up this morning, I had a big craving for lemon ricotta pancakes.  A peek in my fridge revealed that I was out of both, ricotta cheese and pancake mix. A little digging on the web and a little experimentation yielded beautiful and fluffy pancakes made from scratch. And since I ran out of maple syrup, I figured I could do this with caramelized oranges and boozy caramel sauce instead!


For the pancakes
Makes 8 – 10 

1 cup flour
 3 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp sugar
1/8 tsp salt
3 level tbsp plain yogurt
1 cup warm water
3 tsp oil
1/4 tsp butter
1/2 tsp powdered sugar  

For the caramelized oranges
Makes enough for one plate of pancakes

1/2 cup white cane sugar
1/8 cup water
1 tbsp light corn syrup (it’s okay if you don’t have this)
1 tsp butter
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 tsp lemon juice
2 tbsp cointreau/orange liquor or orange juice
dash of cinnamon (optional)
1 orange, peeled and sliced
A few thin strips of orange peel, twisted


Start by making the caramelized oranges


1. On a low flame (3 on your electric stove), in a thick bottomed stainless steel pan, thoroughly mix the sugar, water and corn syrup until dissolved
2. Then, without stirring, let the syrup caramelize till it is a deep amber color. DO NOT STIR. If your pan is heating unevenly and you see one side of your syrup turning darker than the other, gently swirl the syrup and turn your pan until the syrup is evenly colored. Keep the gas mark low.
3. As soon as the syrup turns a deep amber, remove it from the flame. Be careful not to burn it by overheating
4. Add the butter, cointreau (or orange juice), lemon juice, salt and cinnamon. It will sputter, so be careful
5. If your caramel starts hardening, place it back on the stove and stir until it liquifies
6. Put your sliced oranges and twisted orange peel in this mix and drench with the syrup. Leave it on the stove for about two minutes and then take the pan off the stove and set aside

Now, make the pancakes


1. Mix the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder thoroughly
2. Add the water, oil, yogurt and whisk the mixture thoroughly until you see air bubbles
3. Heat a flat pan and grease it with butter/oil
4. Lower your gas flame (stove mark 3) and pour the pancake mixture a quarter cup (or less) at a time
5. Bubbles will form on the top of the poured mixture. Once dry, flip over. When golden on both sides, you can take it off.

Wipe your pan with a paper towel before making the next pancake.

Assembling the pancakes

1. Place three pancakes on top of each other
2. Place 1/4 tsp of butter on the warm pancake on top
3. Pick the oranges out of the caramel sauce and place on your pancakes
4. Spoon some of the caramel sauce (heat it if it has solidified) onto the pancakes
5. Garnish with the orange peels and sprinkle powdered sugar through a seive

You could just as easily caramelize strawberries for your pancake or serve these caramelized fruits with cream as a dessert. 


This was DELICIOUS. A nice rich brunch to kickstart your cooking new year with. Although, you might want to switch out the mimosa for a pomegranate bellini 🙂 


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